I write for both general and academic audiences across a range of topics. My background includes website design, academic research, and university teaching. I love to write, create content, and help others develop and communicate ideas. 

Sports reporting

The Triathlete's Training GuideI have covered endurance sports for publications that include the Colorado Triathlete magazine and Colorado Daily newspaper.

Fitness writing

My triathlon training articles have been featured in TrainingPeaks, USA Triathlon, and Colorado Triathlete. I founded Alp Multisport Publications, an imprint that specializes in books for triathletes and runners, and my books include The Triathlete’s Training Guide and Run Smart.

Op-ed writing

I write a monthly column on language and politics for Anthropology News, the magazine of the American Anthropological Association.

Scholarly writing

Oxford University PressMy scholarly publications have appeared in journals that include Discourse & Society, Language in Society, Language & Communication, and the Journal of Linguistic Anthropology, and books that include Contemporary Critical Discourse Studies, The Handbook of Discourse Analysis, The Handbook of Language and Globalization, and The International Encyclopedia of Language and Social Interaction

Editorial projects

I have been involved in several academic book projects as an editor, working with authors across disciplines, peer reviewers, and publishers to move the projects from conceptualization to publication. I also served as editor-in-chief of the Colorado Research in Linguistics journal for three years, coordinating manuscript submissions, the peer review process, and the final production stage. Since 2001, I have served as online editor for the Colorado Triathlete magazine.

Technical writing

Carnegie Mellon University QatarI spent three years teaching technical writing to computer science majors at Carnegie Mellon University. The course provided hands-on experience with various professional genres. For the final project, I mentored teams of students who worked with real-world clients to produce an illustrated set of user-centered instructions for a software application or device. I guided teams through the process as they became acquainted with the technology, conducted an audience and context analysis, carried out user testing of an initial draft, and crafted the final content (e.g. website, videos, printable documents) in line with the user experience research.

Website projects

Alp Fitness  alpfitness.com — Alp Fitnessprovides training tools and educational resources to triathletes and runners. I created the site in 2009. The project grew out of my background as a competitive endurance athlete. I began running around age 10 and competing in triathlons at age 16. I started to coach during college—swimmers, runners, triathletes—and earned credentials from USA Triathlon and the American College of Sports Medicine. I write, edit, and produce the multimedia content for the site (articles, videos, training plans).

Colorado Triathlete  coloradotriathlete.com  covers the sport of triathlon in Colorado. Originally a print magazine in the 1990s, I began covering races for the magazine around 1999 and expanded my role to columnist and website designer in 2001. I led the magazine’s shift to its digital-only format around 2005 and continue to serve as online editor. I manage the site and edit all submissions and content. I also continue to contribute occasional stories and photos.